What are eBird Trip Reports? 

eBird Trip Reports bring together your eBird checklists, creating a fun summary of where you went, what you found, and your photos and audio recordings in one easy-to-share place. 

Visit to create, manage, and share your eBird Trip Reports. You can find a link to this page in My eBird, in the left “Manage My…” column between Locations and Alerts.

Each eBird Trip Report consists of a:

  1. Name (feel free to get creative!) 

  1. Time period—from a single day up to an entire month. All the checklists you and other members of the Trip Report submit from within the specified time period will automatically be included on the Trip Report unless manually removed by the checklist owner. 

  1.  Visibility setting—choose who can see your Trip Report

    1. Limited: only people you invite to join the Trip Report

    2. Link-Only: anyone with the Trip Report link

    3. Public: anyone on the internet; public Trip Reports are searchable on Google and appear on Regional Explore pages

Did you know? eBird Trip Reports are LIVE summaries, meaning they update automatically as new eBird checklists are added from the trip period.  Create an eBird Trip Report before your next Big Day, field trip, or birding adventure and share the link with friends. They can follow along in near real-time as you submit lists throughout your trip!

Adding People to eBird Trip Reports

Owners and Editors can invite other people to join an eBird Trip Report. When someone joins a report, they will have the option of including any other checklists from that time period that aren’t already on the trip.

Each person can choose which of their own checklists are included in the eBird Trip Report by manually selecting individual checklists OR setting ‘personal dates’ that limit which checklists are included within the trip period.

Note: Adding people to an eBird Trip Report does not automatically add them to your checklists. To share multiple checklists with trip members, try the bulk checklist sharing tool.

eBird Trip Report Roles


The person who creates an eBird Trip Report is automatically the Owner; this role cannot be changed. In addition to everything below, Owners can:

  • edit the report name
  • change the dates of the report
  • change the visibility settings
  • delete the report


Anyone who joins an eBird Trip Report is automatically added as a Commenter. Commenters can:

  • add/edit a comment to the narrative
  • set personal dates for the report
  • manage which of their checklists appear in the report
  • remove themselves from the report
  • share the eBird Trip Report on social media


In addition to everything Commenters can do, Editors can also:

eBirders can be added to a report as an Editor by invite from the Owner or another Editor, or by changing the role of an existing Commenter.

Trip Report roles

Managing Roles

Owners and Editors can manage roles by selecting 'Manage People' from the Edit menu of an eBird Trip Report.

Narratives and Comments

Narratives tell the story of your birding adventures! This is the place for report Owners and Editors to describe the trip—anything from where you stayed or what you ate, to helpful route and accessibility information. Narratives also support links, embeds, and HTML formatting—the sky's the limit!

If you make changes to the narrative while someone else is editing it, their or your changes may be lost! We strongly recommend that Owners and Editors communicate before revising the narrative. 

Comments let people on the trip share memories and stories. Anyone added to an eBird Trip Report can add a comment below the Narrative. Comments on Public and Link-Only reports will be visible to anyone viewing the eBird Trip Report. Comments on Limited reports will only be visible to other members of the report. 

eBird Trip Report comments and narrative

Delete an eBird Trip Report

Deleting or removing an eBird Trip Report will not delete or affect individual eBird checklists (learn how to delete individual checklists instead).

If you are the eBird Trip Report Owner/creator: Select any Trip Report that you created from Tap Edit > select "Delete Trip Report". NOTE: If you added other people to the report, this will delete the report from their accounts as well!

If you are NOT the eBird Trip Report Owner: Select a Trip Report from Tap Edit > select "Remove me from Trip Report". If you are a Commenter or Editor on a report, removing an eBird Trip Report will delete it from your account only; other members of the report will be unaffected. Only the person who created the report can delete it completely.

Menu options for Trip Report owners vs. menu options for Editors/Commenters

Bulk checklist sharing with eBird Trip Reports

One exciting feature of eBird Trip Reports is the ability to share multiple checklists at once. You must first invite other people to the report by tapping Edit > Manage People. After trip members have accepted your invitation to join, return to 'Manage People', scroll down, and tap 'Share all checklists to…'.


Which checklists are shared? The people you select will receive share invitations for ALL checklists currently included in your personal view of the eBird Trip Report. Go to Edit > Manage Checklists to see which checklists will be shared. To share checklists individually, visit “Sharing Checklists on the eBird Website”. 

Checklists can only be bulk-shared with other members of the report by Owners and Editors.

Additional Trip Report features

Personalized trip view

For trips with more than one person, you can filter data for the entire group or individual people. 

Filtering data for an individual person shows only the observations, checklists, and media by that person within their personal dates of the Trip Report—excluding any data from checklists they manually removed from the Trip Report.

Did you know? In addition to sharing a Trip Report for the entire group, you can also share the personal totals of anyone in the group. Simply select someone from the 'Data For' drop-down menu and then tap 'Share' (next to the Edit button) for a custom link to that person's individual report. 

Every bird counts!

Trip Reports show the total number of individuals of every species reported on every checklist during the trip. These totals do not include X’s (species observed but not counted), so do your best to report counts for every species you find—your totals may surprise you! Try these counting tips.  

Trip Report FAQs

What are 'personal dates' and how are they different from the report dates?

If you were only present for part of a trip, you can limit which of your own checklists are included in the report to only the period that you were on the trip. Personal dates must fall within the date range of the overall eBird Trip Report. You can set personal dates when accepting an invitation to join an eBird Trip Report, or under 'Edit' > 'Manage Checklists' on any report you have already joined.

Is there a limit to the duration of an eBird Trip Report?

eBird Trip Reports are currently limited to 31 consecutive days but may be expanded in the future. Become an eBird Monthly Supporter to get early access to future tools and functionality developments.

How do I add photos or audio to a Trip Report?

Any media that you add to your checklists that are a part of your Trip Report will automatically appear in the Trip Report. See here for more information on uploading media to eBird checklists.