Manage My Contacts

The Manage My Contacts page allows you to add or delete eBird users from your list of contacts for sharing checklists. The Manage My Contacts page can be accessed under "Account Settings" on My eBird, or by clicking your username in the upper right corner of

Friends vs. All ContactsManage eBird Friends and Contacts

Your contact list is divided into two sections: "Friends" and "All Contacts".

  • eBird Friends are generally people that you know well, go birding with often, and frequently share eBird checklists with. It is easier to share checklists with Friends than Contacts. Read more about eBird Friends below.

  • All Contacts is a list of all individuals you have ever shared a checklist to. Whenever you send a shared checklist, the username or email of the other eBirder is automatically added to your "All Contacts" list.

Add a new contact

At the top of the page is a field where you can enter an existing eBird username or email address. This new contact will then appear in your All Contacts list. 

IMPORTANT: Always verify the username or email you are adding  to your contacts is 100% correct. Misspelled or incorrectly entered usernames/emails can prevent you from sharing checklists with those individuals.

We recommend adding eBird usernames instead of emails whenever possible (learn why).

Delete a contact 

Click the red "X" box next to any username or email to remove it from your contacts list.


If an eBird username is added to your contact list, the "Alias" column will display the first and last name associated with that account. If an email address is added to your contacts, the "Alias" column will display that email. 

Use the Alias field to give a contact whatever name you want; it will only be shown that way in your account. Click on any "Alias" to highlight and edit it. Click away again to save your edits. Note: the Username column is linked with eBird accounts and cannot be edited. 

eBird Friends

Any checklist shared with you by your eBird Friends will automatically be Accepted to your account. No more opening emails or clicking "Accept" buttons! Remind your birding buddies to "Friend" you on their own eBird Contact lists, so any checklists you share with them are automatically accepted as well.

Add eBird Friends by checking the box in the "Friend (?)" column next to any username on your contacts list. Uncheck this box to remove a username from your Friends list.

NOTE: Only eBird usernames can be added as Friends. If you only have an eBird user's email address, you must add their username to your contacts list before you can "Friend" them.


                                           Friendly Fantail                                    


Friendly Fantail by Carlos Bocos/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab (ML204239591)