Black-crowned Night-Heron by Markus Crag/Macaulay Library (ML85468051)

Your Cornell Lab account can be used for eBird, Great Backyard Bird Count, Project Feederwatch, and NestWatch, along with a few other Cornell Lab projects. Here are some tips for managing your Cornell Lab account in eBird: 

Updating Your Personal Info

To update your first or last name, email, password, or other information, click your username in the top right from any eBird page and select “Cornell Lab Account” from the dropdown menu. To edit your eBird Profile picture and “About Me” info, go to “My eBird” then “Your Profile” and “Edit Profile” on the left under the profile picture to update your information. 

Password Resets and Username Reminders

Your password can be changed by going to the eBird login screen and clicking the link "Forgot Password?" below the large blue "Sign In" button. This will send an email to the email address on your My eBird Preferences page.

Your username is the name listed in parentheses at the top right of any eBird page when you are signed in. This is viewable only to you and never seen by the public, so as long as you have it written down somewhere safe so you don't forget it, it’s not important if there is a typo in the username. 

If you can’t recall your username, you can click the "Forgot username?" button from the eBird login screen to receive an email reminder of the username(s) tied to that email address. Some folks have created multiple eBird accounts accidentally. If you ask for a username reminder, you may get several usernames back. If so, you should log in to each to make sure your data from any redundant accounts are all moved to a single account so your lists are accurate (see below for instructions). 

If the email address tied to your eBird account has been deactivated *and* you can’t recall your username and password, please email us so we can help you. Make sure to include your current email address in eBird and the email address you’d like to change it to.

Consolidating Multiple eBird Accounts

The best way to combine accounts is for you to log into both and consolidate the data into a single account. Log into the account that you wish to close and use the checklist sharing feature to share each checklist with the other account (simply click "share" from each checklist and type your primary account’s username (case-sensitive) instead of the email address in the "share" field. IMPORTANT: be sure to accept the checklists by logging into your other account BEFORE deleting them from your original account. After this process is complete, you can change your password on the account you no longer want to maintain so that you don't ever accidentally log in--we suggest using a password like "DO NOT USE" that you will never accidentally log in for.

Be sure to save this information somewhere safe and make sure your contact information (especially email) is current under your account . Note that you can also click the "Forgot username?" and "Forgot password?" links at the eBird login page (as long as your email address is correct) if you should lose this information in the future.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe from eBird

eBird offers two free, regular email subscriptions: Newsletters to let you know about recent eBird news and Alerts to keep you up to speed on species you're interested in. eBirders are subscribed to the eBird Newsletter by default. 

If you want to unsubscribe or change your preferences, you can manage your subscription settings for the eBird Newsletters using the instructions at the bottom of each email (right). 

Alerts are custom subscriptions for certain bird species in a region that you can opt-in to from the Alerts page. For instructions on subscribing or unsubscribing from Alerts, see here

Note: if you keep receiving emails after unsubscribing, it's almost certainly because you're have different subscriptions from multiple eBird accounts tied to the same email address. You will need to manage each of your subscriptions independently by logging in to each of your accounts. After that, you should consolidate your eBird accounts using the instructions above.