Watching birds with friends is one of birding’s greatest joys, and your eBird checklists will serve as permanent memories of those fun times in the field. The best part is that when you go birding with friends, you only need to keep one list for the group. That checklist can be shared with the group using an eBird username or email address. Once a checklist has been shared, you can add or delete species observed so that the list represents just what you saw. 

IMPORTANT: to receive checklist sharing requests, your email address within eBird must be up to date. You can find instructions on how to update your email address and other personal information here

Sharing checklists 

On eBird Mobile, if you increase the Number of Observers on the checklist to more than 1, the checklist sharing feature will appear as "Share checklist with..." under the observer field. Tap it, type the eBird usernames of the people you're birding with, and then press the 'enter' key after each eBird username to save it in the sharing recipient list. Once you've entered the usernames, submit the list like normal, and it'll be shared automatically!

On the eBird website, you share checklists by clicking the “Share” icon to the right of your name on the checklist or by clicking the "Share w/Others in Your Party" link under the blue “Checklist Tools” icon on the page.

Enter the eBird usernames (preferable) or email addresses of the friends with whom you wish to share the checklist.This will send each person an email with the option to accept or reject your shared checklist. If the individual does not yet have an eBird account, eBird will prompt them to create an account where they can view and accept the checklist.

Share with usernames when possible

Your eBird username is unique to your account, but email addresses can be associated with multiple eBird accounts (usually by mistake). If you share with an eBird username, there won't be any mistakes in what account the Shared Checklist goes to. Sharing with usernames will also allow you to mark people as a eBird "Friends” in your contacts, which allows automatic checklist acceptance (more below). 

Editing shared checklists

Edit just as you normally would—hit ‘Remove’ to take a species off your list, or ‘Edit Species List’ to go in and add more. 

Please make sure at least one of your friends has accepted the shared checklist before you edit it. Otherwise, any species you delete will not be visible to them. If you have entered species that you will later want to delete, you might ask them in an email to let you know when the checklist has been accepted.

If you spot any errors in the date, location, or effort information, please ask the original checklist creator to fix these and then re-share the list. If you alter them in your account it will be corrected in your personal account and lists, but the master checklist will always represent the date, location, and effort information from the checklist owner. 

Sometimes the checklist keeper will correct something after they’ve shared the checklist, so they’ll re-share the checklist with the group. In My Shared Checklists, you can choose to “Replace” the original checklist with the newly shared version, or you can choose to “Keep” the original checklist and decline the new version. In most cases, you’ll want to select “Replace” to incorporate their correction. 

Group accounts in eBird

Checklist sharing can also be a useful way to aggregate eBird checklists on "eBird group accounts." This can be helpful if you want to track the collaborative accomplishments of your local birding club or monitoring group in eBird. Everyone contributing to a group account should *always* 1) have personal accounts 2) share their checklists *to* the group account, and 3) upload media on their personal accounts. Important: make sure that the account administrator opts out of the Top 100 to keep those totals fair between individual eBirders.