Do your best to find the answer before forwarding something, especially if you are forwarding to someone you know has a lot on their plate. 

Staff  Directory:

Membership questions (am I a member, change of address, payment issues, etc): 

Questions about online courses: Lee Ann Van Leer,

-Instead of forwarding, go to the “group” field, and switch to “Bird Academy” (Not Bird Academy Pro!)

FeederWatch data entry, problems with FeederWatch account:

    Feeder-based questions

    Time limited help with accounts and submissions: 

NestWatch data entry, problems with NestWatch account:

Bird Cams:

YardMap/Habitat Network: this program is no longer running, but some parts are, see canned message. 

K-12,  Focus Cards, K-12 education

Typos/wrong information on All About Birds: Victoria Campbell,

Birds of North America Defunct. For this, HBW, and other “Birds of” products such as Birds of the Neotropics, see Birds of the World

Birds of The World: 

Laura Kammermeier: for time limited emergencies

To move a ticket in freshdesk, select “Birds of the World” from the Group dropdown

Merlin questions you can't answer (please check long list of canned messages first): 

    To move a ticket in freshdesk, select “Merlin” from the Group dropdown.

eBird questions you can't answer (search their help page first):

    To move a ticket in freshdesk, select “Ebird” from the Group dropdown

Cornell Lab Publishing Group (questions about coloring books, puzzles other books we publish): Jill Leichter 

Pertaining to planned giving, estate planning: Liz Kinast,

Golden Wing Society member contact Erin 

Anything having to do with whales, elephants or the Bioacoustic Research Program: Tish Klein, 

Issues with/orders for the Master or Essential Set of Bird Sounds of North America: Matt Meddler - 

Macaulay Library permissions to use media:  Matt Metler, or Vanessa Powell,

To move a ticket in freshdesk, select “Macaulay Library” from the Group dropdown

Any weird question about bird behavior or anatomy (that you can't find info about in BNA), bird ID you can't get or are unsure of, or crows (especially crows in Ithaca): Kevin McGowan: 

Bringing a school group to the Lab, or a group for an educational or recreational visit: Jenny Smith 

Booking the space for an event (Cornell group or outside group): Olivia Hathaway: 

General Questions about the Visitor Center: Mary Winston 

Raven Software questions: 


Animal Disease Questions: Krysten L. Schuler at the Vet School:

Speaker requests to Sarah, after you’ve sent the canned message for “speaker requests.” When they fill this out and send it back, then send to Sarah. If she is on leave, fill out the speaker request spreadsheet, look for a good fit on this spreadsheet and email them: Keep track of this and if you get no response, consider CLO-L

Questions from the media: Pat Leonard:

BirdNET questions: Tish Klein,

Young students interested in our Young Birders Program: Jessie Barry:

Undergraduate Students: Irby, but only if they are well-vetted, don't send him everyone:

Interested Graduate Student: see canned message, encourage them to do some research on faculty they'd want to work with and contact them. 

Logo requests- Janet Menninger:

Land Trust Information or Development Sarah Barker: 

Advertisement in Living Bird or on AAB Susana Lawson  

Product placement or Product partnerships Justin Cleveland 

Issues with Hubspot Campaign emails Pete Kopp, Alex Chang, Bobby Stickel 

Visitor Center Events